Hypno Band weight loss is the new ‘Virtual Gastric Band Surgery’ without the surgery!  Gold Coast Hypno Band uses it very successful as a technique used in Hypnotherapy, and you will be surprised at the results!!!

Hypnosis of course is just a piece of the puzzle. Give us a call for a ‘Free’ 10 minute consultation to see if this is right for you. (07) 3062 9285

You’ve got nothing to lose ( except that excess weight you’ve been carrying around), and everything to gain. 😉

Get a jump start on Weight-Loss before even trying The Virtual Hypno Band with a Hypnotherapist by checking out our Blog Post.

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Not for you, you say? How about a friend or acquaintance that could benefit from this!

How Do I Pick or Choose A Hypnotherapist?


How to find a reputable Hypnotherapist on the Gold Coast, Australia for Anxiety, Depression, Quit/Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Confidence, Fear of Flying, Hypno-Band Gastric Virtual Surgery, Loss of Job, Loss of a Spouse or Loved One, Family Turmoil,  … with a recommendation by Dr Barry Pierce on ‘How to Choose a Hypnotherapist on the Gold Coast’.

What is hypnosis?

It’s simply a mental state where the limiting beliefs of your conscious mind are subdued, while the imagination and creativity of your subconscious mind are enhanced, allowing you to be highly accepting of new ideas. In a trance, you tune out all distractions and focus sharply on the subject matter at hand.


What happens?

Therapy is one on one with the client. It is therapy and not hypno-magic or mind control. The task is to resolve an issue that the client has problems with. Hypnotherapy includes discussing the issue and, through hypnosis suggestions, allowing the mind to reset its perspective and behaviour.


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About Us

Weight Loss Gold Coast Hypno Band has a ‘FREE’ BMI (Body Mass Indicator) for you to use on this website page.

What Is BMI?

Body Mass Indicator is the measurement of body fat in relation to your height. Keep in mind your waist measurement also when using BMI. Your waist measurement will help assess risk of the amount of body fat you carry around your middle.

Checking Your BMI (Body Mass Indicator)

Your BMI gives an indication of your possible health risks.
  • A BMI between 18 and 25 = “Normal”,
  • A BMI between 25 and 30 = “Overweight”
  • A BMI between 30 and 40 = “Obese”
  • A BMI over 40 = “Morbidly Obese.”


On the chart, move the little blue balls for your height (up & down) & weight (left to right)..        Did your result scare you?

Supplied by BMI Calculator UK

Obesity can possibly shorten life expectancy and can be responsible for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type II, stroke, cancer, joint problems such as osteoarthritis and high blood pressure. Not a pretty picture is it.

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